Lower Blepharoplasty Tampa, Lower Eyelid Surgery Tampa FL, Blepharoplasty Tampa, Eyelid Surgery Tampa Florida, Cosmetic Eye Surgeon Tampa

Lower Blepharoplasty Tampa, Lower Eyelid Surgery Tampa FL, Blepharoplasty Tampa, Eyelid Surgery Tampa Florida


Lower Eyelid Surgery Description

Aging, stress and environmental factors can have a profound effect on the skin around our lower eyelids.  As we age, the thin layer of tissue that cushions the area behind the eyes begins to break down, allowing fat pads to become displaced and excess skin to develop around the lower eyelids.  Bags and circles can form under the eyes, making you look older and more exhausted.  Lower blepharoplasty is eyelid surgery that can improve the appearance of the area around the lower eyelids.  During lower blepharoplasty, fat pads are repositioned and excess skin may be removed to eliminate puffiness and bagging under the eyes.  Dr. Kosowski takes a subtle approach to eyelid surgery in order to prevent an over-tightened or hollowed appearance that might result from excessive fat removal.  Lower blepharoplasty can help your eyes look natural, rejuvenated and youthful. 



Lower Eyelid Surgery Procedure

During lower blepharoplasty surgery, an incision is made on the inside of the lower eyelid in order to access and reposition the fat pads.  Another small incision may be made underneath the lower eyelashes to remove excess skin, if necessary.  These incisions are usually unnoticeable after healing.  Lower eyelid surgery can be performed as an outpatient procedure either in our offices or in an outpatient surgical facility.  The surgery usually takes about an hour to complete, with patients able to return home the same day.  You can expect swelling and bruising around the eyes for about 4-6 days after surgery.  Ice packs will help to alleviate the swelling.  Dr. Kosowski will discuss specific post-operative instructions with you, but in general, most people can return to work about 1 week after eyelid surgery, although you should avoid strenuous exercise for about 3 weeks.  Your sutures will dissolve on their own in 3-5 days, and Dr. Kosowski will see you in the office for follow-up in about a week. 

How Do I Get Started With Lower Eyelid  Surgery?

The doctors and staff at Bassin Plastic Surgery Tampa will be happy to discuss Lower Blepharoplasty surgery with you.  Call us at 813-872-7800 or make an appointment online for a personal consultation in our Tampa offices.  





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